Todd Kassal the Stockbroker

It was as it sounds, Todd Kassal was a simple man with a simple life. He was a stockbroker in the wonderful city of Miami. He and his family were living a nice life in a normal house on an unassuming street.

Every morning, Todd Kassal would wake up, get out of bed, have breakfast with his family and then get into his car for his long drive to the office. Once there he was in work mode for eight straight hours. It was a simple life but it was one that Todd was happy with.

He was making money and life was going along just swimmingly…and then the storm hit.

Todd Kassel
Todd Kassel

Todd Kassal the Hurricane Savior

The storm in question was Hurricane Harvey. The storm came on fast and it came on strong and before they knew it, the town of Miami was underwater. Todd did the best he could to protect his family and everyone made it out alright but when he went out into his town, he saw a different story.

Miami was in ruins. Houses were destroyed, power lines had fallen down like dominoes, cars were littered across the landscape and worse of all, people who had lost everything couldn’t even buy more food.

Why? Because the lines at the grocery stores were coming out of the store. Anyone got in line knew that it would take days to get even a box of crackers. It just wasn’t good. But Todd Kassal had a plan.

Todd Kassal the Food Savior

Todd Kassel

Todd knew that he had to do something big to help the people of his town and he decided that the best thing he could do is to find food himself and serve it to those in need. That is exactly what he did. And he is the hero known for saving over 200 people.