My Food Saved Miami

So there I was. Hurricane Harvey had finally left but it left a trail of damage so bad that my town was left in ruins. The most heartbreaking thing was that the poor people couldn’t even get food for their families because the grocery stores were so slammed packed. It was time to make Todd Kassal Food.

Luckily for them, I consider myself quite the cook so I decided that I would do something big and start getting and cooking food for the people of my community.

Todd Kassal Food

I started cooking at a young age and developed a passion for it. As I have grown up and cooked my food, I have mostly only made it for myself and for my family. Sure, everyone loved my food but it was just for dinner, nothing more.

I never dreamed that my Todd Kassal food could be used to help my community to get back on its feet! So what do you feed people that are desperate? Well, you make it a point to serve them food that they can enjoy, the type of food that can make them feel good and believe that everything will be okay.

Here are some of the foods I produced:


Pasta isn’t just for fancy Italian restaurants, it is also a power food that gave the people of my town the energy to rebuild. The best pasta has savory sauces that bring the food to the next level. That is the kind of pasta that I provided.


Todd Kassel

It is important that people who are hungry have their fair share of meat. Good meat isn’t just for those fancy steakhouses, it is also a great food for sustenance¬†and it fills you up for a long time so that you don’t have to worry about finding more food later.

These are the wonderful foods that I served to the people after Hurricane Harvey.